22nd Annual MUSIC CITY TRACK CARNIVAL | May 31-June 1, 2024

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The 22nd annual Music City Track Carnival will take place Friday-Saturday May 31-June 1, 2024 in Murfreesboro, TN at Middle Tennessee State University.

What was formerly known as the Music City Distance Carnival for 18 years expanded in 2021 to offer pro and high school sprints, jumps and throws. MCTC is three meets all rolled into one: a youth and open meet for all-comers, an elite level high school meet, and a professional meet stacked with Olympians. There is literally an event for everyone!

For the third year, the pro portion of the meet is part of the World Athletics Continental Tour. This year the meet will have Bronze level status and offer over $26,000 in prize money. Several Olympians and World Championship finalists are already committed to compete. The meet will be streamed live on both days via Youtube (link coming soon).

NOTE: MCTC has exceeded its 2024 athlete assistance budget. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to provide support for travel and accommodation.

REGISTRATION: Registration opens March 13, 2024.
PLEASE NOTE: All athletes regardless of event or level MUST register through Race Roster to ensure their participation in the 2024 Music City Track Carnival.
REGISTER AT THIS LINK. Registration for all events closes on TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2024 at 11pm CT.

Dean A. Hayes Track and Soccer Stadium
Middle Tennessee State University
1568 Greenland Dr, Murfreesboro, TN 37132, United States

Spectator tickets are $10/day (kids under 12 free) and will be available for purchase online or at the gate. Link coming soon.

Hotel info coming soon.

MEET SCHEDULE (Events that are bolded have entry standards)

The press conference will take place on the evening of Thursday, May 30. Stay tuned for details.


Track Events:
4:00pm: Elementary School Girls 800m
4:15pm: Elementary School Boys 800m
4:30pm: Middle School Girls 800m
4:45pm: Middle School Boys 800m
5:00pm: Open Women’s 800m
5:15pm: Open Men’s 800m
5:30pm: High School Girls 800m (entry std: 2:19.00)
5:45pm: High School Boys 800m (entry std: 1:57.50)

6:00pm: High School Girls 2000m Steeplechase (entry std: 7:57.50 | or 1600m – 5:24.50 / 3200m – 11:47.00)
6:15pm: Pro Women’s 3000m Steeplechase
(entry std: 10:30.00)
6:35pm: High School Boy 2000m Steeplechase (entry std: 6:45.00 | or 1600m – 4:30.00 / 3200m – 10:00.00)
6:50pm: Pro Men’s 3000m Steeplechase (entry std: 8:53.00)

7:10pm: High School Girls 3200m (entry std: 11:23.50)
7:30pm: High School Boys 3200m (entry std: 9:35.00)

7:50pm : Open Women’s 5000m (entry std: 20:00)
8:15pm: Open Men’s 5000m (entry std: 18:30)
8:40pm: Pro Women’s 5000m (entry std: 16:55.50)
9:00pm: Pro Men’s 5000m (
entry std: 14:15.00)
9:20pm: Pro Men’s Mile (Sub-4 or Bust | entry std: 4:02.50 or 3:44.25 1500m)

Field Events:
High School Pole Vault (rolling schedule)
4:00pm: HS Girls (entry std: 3.35m / 11′ | Opening Height: 3.15m / 10′ 4.25″)
6:00pm (est): HS Boys (entry std: 4.26m / 14′ | Opening Height: 4.15m / 13′ 7.25″)


Session 1
Track Events:
10:00am: Kids’ 400m Steeplechase (recommended age 4-10)
10:15am: Lil’ Kids’ 200m Dash (recommended age 2-7)
10:20am: Elementary School Girls Mile
10:30am: Elementary School Boys Mile
10:40am: Middle School Girls Mile
10:55am: Middle School Boys Mile
11:10am: Women’s Open Mile
11:30am: Men’s Open Mile
11:45am: Women’s Masters Mile (age: 40+ | entry std: 6:30.00)
11:55am: Men’s Masters Mile (age: 40+ | entry std: 5:20.00)
12:05pm: HS Girls Mile (C/D Heats | entry std: 5:10.00)
12:20pm: HS Boys Mile (C/D Heats | entry std: 4:20.00)
12:35pm: HS Girls’ 100m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 15.40)
12:45pm: Pro Women’s 100m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 14.00)
12:55pm: HS Boys’ 110m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 15.30)
1:05pm: Pro Men’s 110m Hurdles Prelims (entry std: 14.40 )
1:15pm: HS Girls’ 100m Prelims (entry std: 12.50)
1:20pm: HS Boys’ 100m Prelims (entry std: 10.95)
1:25pm: Pro Women’s 100m Prelims (entry std: 11.70)
1:35pm: Pro Men’s 100m Prelims (entry std: 10.50)

Field Events:
10:00am: HS Girls Shot Put (entry std: 11.88m / 39′)
11:30am: HS Boys Shot Put (entry std: 15.00m / 49′ 2.5″)

Session 2
Track Events:
2:40 PM HS Girls’ 100m Hurdles FINAL
2:45 PM Pro Women’s 100m Hurdles FINAL
2:55 PM HS Boys’ 110m Hurdles FINAL
3:00 PM Pro Men’s 110m Hurdles FINAL
3:10 PM Pro Women’s 100m FINAL
3:15 PM Pro Men’s 100m FINAL
3:20 PM HS Girls’ 100m FINAL
3:25 PM HS Boys’ 100m FINAL
3:35 PM Pro Women’s 400m (2 timed finals* – entry std: 54.00)
3:45 PM Pro Men’s 400m (2 timed finals
* – entry std: 47.00)
3:55 PM HS Girls’ 400m (entry std: 59.50)
4:05 PM HS Boys’ 400m (entry std: 50.25)
4:15 PM Pro Women’s 800m (C/D Heats | entry std: 2:07.00)
4:25 PM Pro Men’s 800m (C/D Heats | entry stand: 1:50.00)
4:40 PM Pro Women’s 400m Hurdles (2 timed finals
* – entry std: 59.00)
4:50 PM Pro Men’s 400m Hurdles (2 timed finals
* – entry std: 51.65)
5:00 PM Pro Women’s 800m (Top sections – 2 timed finals* | event entry std: 2:07.00 – historically takes 2:02/2:03 to make A/B heats)
5:10 PM Pro Men’s 800m (Top sections
2 timed finals* | event entry std: 1:50.00 – historically takes 1:47 to make A/B heats)
5:20 PM HS Girls’ Mile (A/B heats | event entry std: 5:10.00 – historically takes 5:02 to make A/B heats)
5:40 PM HS Boys’ Mile (A/B heats | event entry std: 4:20.00 – historically takes 4:14 to make A/B heats)
5:50 PM Pro Women’s 1500m (3 timed finals* | entry std: 4:20.00)
6:00 PM Pro Men’s 1500m (3 timed finals* | entry std: 3:44.25)

Field Events:
3:00pm: Pro Women’s Shot Put (entry std: 16.00m / 52′ 6″)
4:30pm: Pro Men’s Shot Put (entry std: 18.00m / 59′ 0.75″)
Pro Pole Vault (rolling schedule)
4:00pm: Pro Women (entry std: 4.00m / 13′ 1.5″ | Opening Height: 3.80m / 12′ 5.5″)
6:00pm (est): Pro Men (entry std: 5.20m / 17′ 0.75″ | Opening Height: 5.00m / 16′ 4.75″)

*These events will be eligible for prize money and World Athletics points. Overall placing will be determined by the fastest times run across all Timed Finals in the Top Sections (ie; if the fastest time in an event is run in Section 2, that athlete will be declared the Event Winner, and will take the 1st Place Prize Money and top World Athletics points). Athletes in the “C/D Heats” of an event will not be eligible for Prize Money or WA Points.

Please note: There is currently no Hammer Throw scheduled at this year’s meet

We will gather at the conclusion of the meet on Saturday to celebrate another successful year of MCTC! All welccome! Stay tuned for details.

(as of 5/3/24)

As part of the WA Continental Bronze Tour, MCTC is offering a total prize purse of $26,000. Below is the event break down.

1st Tier Events ($1000-$600-$400-$300-$200 – $2000 Total)
Pro Women: 800m, 1500m, 3000m Steeplechase
Pro Men: 800m, 1500m, 3000m Steeplechase

2nd Tier Events ($500-$400-$200 – $1100 Total)
Pro Women: 100m, 400m, 5000m, 400m Hurdles, Pole Vault, Shot Put
Pro Men: 100m, 400m, 5000m, 400m Hurdles, Pole Vault, Shot Put

3rd Tier Events (no prize money)
Pro Women: 100m Hurdles
Pro Men: 110m hurdles

Please direct questions to meet director Dave Milner at [email protected]