Music City Track Carnival

The 19th annual Music City Track Carnival is slated to take place Saturday-Sunday June 5-6 in Nashville, TN (at a venue to be confirmed soon).

With a new name, a new logo, and a new menu of events, what was the Music City Distance Carnival is expanding in 2021 to offer pro sprints, jumps and throws.

We are expecting over a dozen Olympians from Rio to take part including several medalists


Saturday, June 5

Track                                                                               Field                                                                                                                     
4:00pm: Kids’ 400m Steeplechase                     4:00pm: Men’s Pole Vault                                                                          
4:10pm: ES Boys’ 800m                                                                               
4:20pm: ES Girls’ 800m                                                                               
4:30pm: MS Boys’ Mile
4:45pm: MS Girls’ Mile
5:00pm: Men’s Open 800m                                   5:00pm: Women’s Shot
5:20pm: Women’s Open 800m 
5:40pm: Men’s Open 5000m “B”
6:00pm: Women’s Open 5000m “B”
6:20pm: Men’s Open 5000m “A”
6:45pm: Women’s Open 5000m “A”
7:10pm: Men’s TOKYO 3000m Steeplechase
7:25pm: Women’s TOKYO 3000m Steeplechase
7:45pm: HS Boys’ 3200
8:00pm: HS Girls’ 3200 
8:15pm: Women’s TOKYO 5000m
8:40pm: Men’s TOKYO 5000m
9:00pm: Women’s 10,000m
9:40pm: Men’s 10,000m

Sunday, June 6

Track                                                                               Field                                                                                                   
3:00pm: Men’s 100m Prelims                               1:00pm: Men’s Shot
3:10pm: Women’s 100m Prelims 

4:00pm: Men’s 110m Hurdles                                                                  
4:10pm: Women’s 100m Hurdles                                                           
4:15pm: Men’s 400m                                                                                   
4:20pm: Women’s 400m
4:30pm: Men’s TOKYO 800m                                2:45pm: Women’s Pole Vault
4:40pm: Women’s TOKYO 800m
4:40pm: Men’s 100m final
5:00pm: Women’s 100m final    4:00pm: Men’s Pole Vault                           
5:10pm: HS Boys’ Mile
5:20pm: HS Girls’ Mile
5:30pm: Men’s TOKYO 1500m
5:50pm: Women’s TOKYO 1500m 
TV WINDOW ENDS                                       
6:00pm: Men’s Open Mile                                                                         
6:20pm: Women’s Open Mile                                                                                    
6:35pm: Men’s Masters Mile
6:45pm: Women’s Masters Mile
6:55pm: HS Girls’ Mile (Sections 2-3)
7:15pm: HS Boys’ Mile (Sections 2-3)
7:00pm: Women’s 1500m (Sections 2-4)
7:20pm: Men’s 1500m (Sections 2-4)

Race Registration available at: