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The 20th annual Music City Track Carnival will take place Friday-Sunday June 3-5, 2022 in Nashville, TN at Vanderbilt University (with the Hammer taking place up the road at Western Kentucky University). With a new name, a new logo, and a new menu of events, what was the Music City Distance Carnival for 18 years expanded in 2021 to offer pro sprints, jumps and throws, and joined with the American Track League. This 3-day event continues to be three meets all rolled into one: a youth and open meet for all-comers, an elite level high school meet, and a professional meet stacked with Olympians. There is literally a race for everyone!

This year the pro portion of the meet is part of the World Athletics Continental Silver Tour, and has over $75,000 in prize money. Several defending World and Olympic champions are already committed to competing. The meet will be aired live on ESPN on Sunday June 5th.

Registration is open. Click here to register at Race Roster

Spectator tickets are $15 (good for both Saturday and Sunday)


FRIDAY, JUNE 3 – Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY (free to attend)
3:30pm: Women’s Hammer (Developmental flight – 6 throws)
4:45pm: Women’s Hammer (Pro flight – 6 throws)
6:00pm: Men’s Hammer (Developmental flight – 6 throws)
7:00pm: Men’s Hammer (Pro flight – 6 throws )

SATURDAY, JUNE 4 – Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN (ticket required)
Track Events:
4:30pm: Lil’ Kids’ 200m Dash (recommended age 2-9)
4:40pm: Kids’ 400m Steeplechase (recommended age 4-10)
4:50pm: Elementary School Girls 800m
4:55pm: Elementary School Boys 800m
5:00pm: Middle School Girls Mile
5:10pm: Middle School Boys Mile
5:20pm: Women’s Open 800m
5:30pm: Men’s Open 800m
5:50pm: HS Girls 800m (entry std: 2:17.50)
6:00pm: HS Boys 800m (entry std: 1:57.50)

6:15pm: HS Girls 2000m Steeplechase
6:30pm: HS Boys 2000m Steeplechase

6:45pm: Women’s Open 5000m
7:05pm: Men’s Open 5000m
7:30pm: Women’s 3000m Steeplechase (entry std: 10:30.00)
7:45pm: Men’s 3000m Steeplechase (entry std: 9:20.00)
8:00pm: HS Girls 3200m (entry std: 11:25.00)
8:20pm: HS Boys 3200m (entry std: 9:35.00)
8:35pm: Women’s 5000m (entry std: 16:45.00)
9:00pm: Men’s 5000m
(entry std: 14:23.00)

Field Events:
4:00pm: HS Girls Pole Vault
4:00pm: HS Girls Shot

5:30pm: Men’s Shot
5:45pm: HS Boys Pole Vault
6:45pm: Pro Women’s Pole Vault

SUNDAY, JUNE 5 – Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN (ticket required)
Track Events:
9:00am: Women’s Open Mile
9:15am: Men’s Open Mile
9:30am: Women’s Masters Mile (age: 40+ | entry std: 6:10.00)
9:40am: Men’s Masters Mile (age: 40+ | entry std: 5:10.00)
9:55am: HS Girls Mile (B/ C Heats | entry std: 5:10.00 fastest to slowest)
10:15am: HS Boys Mile (B/C/D Heats | entry std: 4:25.00 – fastest to slowest)
Women’s Pro 100m Prelims
10:40am: Men’s Pro 100m Prelims
10:50am: Women’s 400m “B”
10:55am: Men’s 400m “A”
11:00am — Live ESPN TV Window Begins – – –
11:07am: Pro Women’s 800m (A Heat)
11:12am: Pro Men’s 800m (A Heat)
11:18am: HS Girls’ Mile (A Heat)
11:26am: HS Boys Mile (A Heat)
11:38am: Pro Women’s 100m Final
11:45am: Pro Men’s 100m Final
11:53am: Pro Women’s 100m Hurdles Final
12:01pm: Pro Men’s 110m Hurdles Final
12:10pm: Pro Women’s 1500m
12:18pm: Pro Men’s 1500m
12:29pm: Pro Women’s 400m
12:35pm: Pro Men’s 400m
12:40pm: Pro Women’s 200m
12:45pm: Pro Men’s 200m
12:54am: Pro Women’s 400m Hurdles

1:00pm – – – Live ESPN TV Window Ends – – –
1:05pm: Pro Men’s 400m Hurdles

1:15pm: Pro Women’s 800m (B/C/D heats | entry std: 2:09.00 – fastest to slowest)
1:30pm: Pro Men’s 800m (B/C/D heats | entry std: 1:50.00 – fastest to slowest)
1:50pm: Pro Women’s 1500m (B/C heats | entry std: 4:29.00 – fastest to slowest)
2:15pm: Pro Men’s 1500m (B/C heats | entry std: 1:50.50 – fastest to slowest)
2:30pm: Pro Men’s 1500m (B/C heats | entry std: 1:50.50 – fastest to slowest)

2:50pm: Men’s Mile (Sub-4 or Bust | entry std: 4:02.50)
3:00pm: High School Girls and Boys Inter-City Challenge 4 x 800m Relay

Field Events:
11:00am: Women’s High Jump

12:00pm: Women’s Shot
1:00pm: HS Boys’ Shot

2:00pm: Men’s Javelin

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